Foundation Studios provides professional quality Composing, Producing, Mixing, Mastering, and Voice Over services at affordable prices. We can provide great services at great prices because of our skilled engineers, streamlined facilities, and quick and efficient workflow.

Our facility is located in Historic Manti Utah serving the central Utah area. The main studio facility consists of a state-of-the-art Pro Tools centered control room with an isolation booth for doing vocals and other instruments. This streamlined may look small in comparison to big studios with large live rooms, and


Our Isolation Booth is true isolation both physically and acoustically. This acoustically treated space will shock and awe you from the moment you enter the room. As soon as the door closes the outside world disappears and any word you say or sing is captured clear and clean with no room echo or muddiness. Most importantly, the booth and control room are equipment with cool and silent air conditioning for absolute comfort. So this booth doesn’t feel like a stuffy closet. It looks, feels and sounds like a professional recording studio with an awesome vibe.

We have also treated the entire control room for both mixing and recording, so if you need tracks to sound a little more live we can put headphones on and record in the control room. Either room sounds great from tracks sounding clean, clear and reverb-free in the isolation booth to tracks having some space around them in the control room. Both results are the same, amazing sounding tracks.



We provide mixing services for any digital project with a powerful DAW System with plugins from Waves, Slate Digital, and many more.



We have a wide assortment of guitars and acoustic instruments in addition to virtual instruments from East West, Rob Papen, AIR, MOTU, Native Instruments, and many more that can be used to produce any style or type of music needed.